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In the bowels of the earth, where the sun does not reach, there is a city of mummies! By imperial mandate, Princess Nefer must marry Thut, a former charioteer. None of them wants marriage; Nefer because she craves freedom, and Thut because he is allergic to marriage. But the designs of the gods are irrevocable: Thut must marry Nefer in seven days and bring to the wedding the royal ring that Pharaoh has given him intact; in case something happens to the ring, Thut would pay with his eyes. On the surface of the earth, in the meantime, Lord Silvester Carnaby conducts an archaeological expedition and finds something unique: an Egyptian Royal wedding ring! Thut must go to the human world to retrieve it. He is accompanied by Sekhem, his 12-year-old brother, with his crocodile pet, and Nefer. Together they will live a great adventure in modern London and discover something that was not in their plans: falling in love.

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PG CertificateGenerally, a film classified as 'PG' will be suitable for children aged eight and over. However, as some elements within the film might be unsettling for some viewers, it is strongly recommended that parents/guardians - who know their own children best - consult the consumer advice available on this website before deciding on what is appropriate.
Country: Spain
Language: English, Spanish
Released:31 March 2023
Duration: 0 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Animation Comedy Family Musical Romance SciFi/Fantasy

Film Credits

Juan Jesús García Galocha
Toni Novella
Pedro Solís
Marc Sabé
Javier López Barreira
Jordi Gasull
Ana Esther Alborg
Joe Thomas
Hugh Bonneville
Eleanor Tomlinson
Celia Imrie
Luis Pérez Reina
Roser Aldabó Arnau
María Luisa Solá
Óscar Barberán
Francesc Belda
Jaume Solà
Pilar Esteras Casanova
Sean Bean
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