Around The World (Le tour du monde en 80 jours)

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Passepartout is a young and scholarly marmoset who always dreams of becoming an explorer. One day, he crosses paths with Phileas, a reckless and greedy frog, eager to take on a bet to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days and earn 10 million clams in the process. Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the world, Passepartout embarks with his new friend on a crazy and exhilarating adventure full of twists and surprises.

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General CertificateA film classified as 'General' should be suitable for children of a school going age. However, as not every child will respond in the same way to particular themes, scenes and images, it is strongly recommended that parents/guardians - who know their own children best - consult the consumer advice available on this website before deciding what is appropriate.
Country: Belgium, France
Language: French
Released:4 August 2021
Duration: 82 min
Genres: Animation

Film Credits

Samuel Tourneux
David Michel
Gerry Swallow
Jules Verne
Gerry Swallow
Jules Verne
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